Working with a Client’s Family Over the Holidays? Here’s 4 Tips


Posted by Rachael Tom

For many, the holidays are packed with spending time with family and friends and making beautiful memories. For others, though seeing family is a highlight, it may bring some additional stress or frustration. If your client is expecting family over the holidays, consider gauging how they are feeling and how to best assist them.

1. Prepare: Check with your client to see what he or she had in mind for any special meals or festivities. Are there any family traditions that can be easily executed? This can be as simple as the whole family singing Silent Night or watching a special holiday movie. Try to build some extra time into your schedule so things are not as rushed for any family get-togethers or dinners.

workingwithfamily(yellow)-01.png2. Manage Expectations: Assess how the status of your client’s health has changed over the last year. If he or she is not as strong, consider gently reminding your client about the need to pace themselves. While having the additional family around can really perk up your client’s spirit, it can also be draining.  

3. Remember the Situation Is Temporary: You may find that balancing more people and personalities is also a challenge for you. Keep in mind that the situation is temporary and things will calm down as everyone drifts into the new year. 

4. Allow Time to Recover: Just like with your own personal holiday routines and rituals, it is important to build in some time for your client to rest up and unwind after a big holiday. Consider some quiet reading time, watching a holiday special or listening to some calming music.

The holidays can be a wonderful and magical time. We hope these tips help you work with your client to build more happy memories and experience rejuvenation.

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