Rebecca’s Story: How Carina helps IPs find jobs and qualify for health benefits


Posted by Rachael Tom

Rebecca is an Individual Provider (IP) who needed to find a steady consumer fast, but was having a hard time. Within a short period of time one consumer passed away, another moved away, and another moved into a nursing home, leaving her with only 6 working hours per week. 

For a short period of time, she was able to get by thanks to the health benefits she received from her Union. She used her accrued time-off hours to meet the health benefit qualifications, since Medicare did not provide enough cover for her own medical needs. But without enough hours, she would soon become ineligible to meet the qualifications for health insurance. 

Understandably, she began to panic. 

She called the Union, who told her about Carina, a website that could quickly connect her to verified jobs. It was easy to sign up on her phone and she began using the website right away. Less than one week later she had a new consumer and enough hours to continue qualifying for  health insurance. 

Let’s hear from Rebecca:

On Carina you can be assured that the consumer has hours through the Independent Provider program. When you register with Carina you give them your state identification number so the consumer knows you’ve had a background check and that you are registered with the state, so everyone feels a little bit safer. It’s not just like walking up to somebody on the street. I can’t say anything more but thank you, Carina.

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