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Posted by Rachael Tom

Whether you want to find new clients or simply learn from other home care aides, we at Carina are constantly thinking about ways to remove stress and help you to have good work experiences.

HomepageCareCommunityIllustration.pngOur new blog is filled with insight into making the most of your Carina experience, information to help you take care of your client and yourself, and helpful tips and tricks from other home care aides.

On the Carina blog you’ll find:

Client care tips

Learn how other home care aides are serving their clients with helpful shortcuts, clever DIY solutions to everyday pain points, quick and healthy recipes and more.

Self care tips

Discover tried and true methods for physical and emotional care in a difficult line of work.

Tips for finding a client

Learn how to best use our tool to find new state-funded and Medicaid clients in your area.

See you on the blog!

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