4 Tips to Making a Memorable Turkey Day for Two


Posted by Rachael Tom

The holiday season is here! As you are finalizing festive meal plans with your client, we want to share some tips on how to approach the day and make a smaller meal a memorable success.

1. Keep things simple.

Tradition can be whatever you make it to be. Maybe you choose to incorporate some family china for serving dishes but don’t bother with using cloth napkins. Or perhaps you use a family tablecloth and use paper plates. Are there any family aprons your client wore every year getting a big feast ready? Have fun with it! Talk to your client about some of the little things you can do together to make the day special.

2. Your main dish doesn’t have to be a whole turkey.

TurkeyDinner(green)-01.pngAlthough turkey is the first thing that comes to mind for your Thanksgiving feast, you may not want Turkey leftovers until New Years Day. If you are working with a client to prepare a smaller meal, consider cooking just turkey breasts or legs. If your client wants to stick with the tradition of cooking a bird, opt for something smaller like a cornish hen or pheasant.

3. Pre-made foods for sides. 

Not everyone is a Martha Stewart in the kitchen. Don’t let that stop you! Consider trying some pre-made foods from your local grocery store to spice things up a bit.

4. Get your client and your table ready first.

Consider what kind of schedule for the day would be most conducive for the holiday. If your client is dressed and ready a little earlier than normal, he or she may enjoy themselves more. Or maybe your client wants to wear a little lipstick. Also, having the table set with a couple of traditional or more modern place settings will set the tone for a festive day.

From our families to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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