This Is Why I Do This Work


Posted by Eva Owens

This Is Why I Do This Work

Hello Everyone!

I write so many emails... Really, it’s a lot. And you and I have most likely never met in person so I wanted to introduce myself quickly (Hi, I'm Eva!) and say a few words about why I do this work.

Mostly so you know that I’m a real person, because I know you that were wondering…

I do this work because of my Mom. Here she is:

I do this work because of my Mom.She's so sweet and nice. And she’s from Oklahoma which means that all her sweet, kind words come with a Southern accent... Which makes it sound even sweeter, of course.

My mother is an artist and her work includes watercolor, printmaking and fabric arts. She’s always made my brothers and I feel like we're just little angels in her eyes. She’s always made us feel so loved. It’s just what you want from a mom.

My mom has a debilitating condition that she's lived with her entire life.  Now that her condition has progressed, she has needed a caregiver these last couple of years. Like many, she relies on Medicaid for her health care.

Why did I decide to work in home care?

I want both my mom and her caregivers to live with dignity, respect, independence, choice and the economic means to live a full life. She deserves that. Her caregivers deserve that too.

I want the caregivers who work with my mom to have many options for who they choose to work with and to come work with my mom because it’s a good choice for them.

I want my mom’s caregivers to not have to worry about their own housing or their own health care because they are not paid enough or lack benefits. I know that my mom will get the best care when her caregivers are... cared for too.

I work with Carina because I believe that Carina is building options for clients and caregivers to have choice and independence. 

I work with Carina because I want everyone to have options instead of feeling trapped in a job or with a caregiver.

Whether you are a client or a care worker, at Carina we're building a platform with you and your independence in mind.

If you are a caregiver reading this...

Thank you for what you do. You are making people’s lives better every day and that is truly amazing work.

If you are a client reading this...

Thank you for providing meaningful work for so many caregivers.


We are all in this together. May you have a restful and joyful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.


Thank you,

Eva, Manager of Marketing and Operations at Carina


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