Carina: Available Across Washington! (Thanks to you!)


Posted by Rachael Tom

Carina: Available Across Washington! (Thanks to you!)

We're excited to announce that Carina is now available to IPs, clients, case managers, and referral registry coordinators across the state of Washington!

Carina: Our Origin Story

Home care consumers need trained, reliable, and available caregivers to provide care and caregivers need access to dependable, reliable full time work so they can support themselves and access affordable health insurance. So many people asked:
Why can’t we just find each other online?

Together, union members and DSHS agreed to create an online referral service where clients and individual providers (IPs) can find each other. This was included in the last IP union contract. After this contract was funded, SEIU 775, SEIU 775 Benefits Group, DSHS, and a variety of consumer support groups helped with designing and testing various ideas to create Carina, which is an accessible service that works for both clients and providers.

We started launching Carina in a series of local ‘pilots’ with direct access for clients, case manager, referral registry coordinators and IPs starting in May of 2017.

Carina Today

Now we have over 4500 clients and caregivers who’ve joined the site. IPs have found over 25,000 (recurring) hours of work through Carina. Right now on the site there are 718 jobs...and we are still just getting started.

Earlier this month, we launched across the Seattle metro area and to rural areas including Adams, Douglas, Grant, Lincoln, Okanogan, and Chelan counties. We already have 130 jobs in these locations and hundreds of IPs have joined.and will be matching jobs soon.

Working Together... Works

Carina is yet another great example of communities coming together to build solutions for a common problem. Carina was created through a partnership between IPs and clients with an understanding of a shared destiny- knowing that when we create high quality work for caregivers, it also means that clients can access exceptional care.

Washington State’s investment in Carina is a testament to the work supporting consumer choice, independence, and the IP workforce. No wonder Washington State is rated number one by AARP for its Long Term Care Supports and Services, as 85% of long term care in Washington takes place in home and community settings.

Carina Uses Tech to Give Choice and Independence

Carina uses technology to break down barriers, empowering users to meet their own needs, and allows people to self-organize for their own care and career. Providers and clients (directly or with the help of the referral registry coordinators) find matches by having transparent access to each other's profiles. They can then choose exactly with whom they'd like to communicate with in order to find a good caregiver or client match. Carina provides the necessary tools for both caregivers and clients to make their own independent decisions about finding work or care. 


We're excited to be statewide! We're committed to continuously improving Carina and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks for all your support!



P.S. Did you find a caregiver or client through Carina? Please tell us your story! Would you please write us a review on Facebook? Click here to visit our Facebook page.

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