The Best Ways to Respond to Messages


Posted by Rachael Tom

Carina is committed to maintaining an inclusive and respectful community. Here are a few tips to help foster an enjoyable experience for everyone:

Answer quickly:

  • Respond to messages as soon as you can.
  • Interested clients and IPs typically respond within a day or two and sometimes within a few hours.
  • You can now include your phone number so they can directly call you versus waiting for a message response.
  • Make sure you have your message notifications turned on so you can receive a text or email when someone messages you.

Tell them if you change your mind:

  • If you change your mind on a client’s job post or hiring an IP, a simple "Thanks, but I changed my mind" will let everybody move on.
  • Letting them know will allow them to continue their search.
  • If you're running late to meet someone, make sure to keep the other person updated by giving them a quick call.

If they don't answer, don't be shy and message them again!

  • Most likely they may have missed their notification alert!
  • Including or repeating the job description and how you are the best fit for it within your response helps establish that both you and the client are on the same page.
  • When they don’t respond, it's OK to continue searching for another client or IP. To avoid confusion, it's kind to let them know about your change of plans.
  • Because Registry Coordinators post job listings to help Medicaid clients find caregivers, it is normal to expect longer response from jobs posted by Registry Coordinators. They are managing multiple job listings and sometimes it takes a while for their clients to respond.

First time responding to a job post? Here is some specific examples for How you can Make a Good First Impression With a Potential Client.

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