How to use Carina for back-up and respite care during COVID-19


Posted by Rachael Tom

COVID-19 has changed how care providers and consumers find and deliver care these days. And while people have been impacted differently due to the pandemic, it has been a challenge for everyone. 

For instance, if you are a provider who now has children staying at home, you may need a break from work to care for your family. Or if you have developed COVID-19 symptoms, you will need to isolate away from your consumer or family members for a while. 

If you are a consumer whose regular provider can no longer provide care due to COVID-19 circumstances such as the ones listed above, you are likely in need of a new provider to fill in the gaps. 

These types of scheduling challenges can be resolved with Carina, which can be used to safely find back-up, emergency or respite care during COVID-19. Learn the different ways Carina users can find short-term jobs and care. 


For care providers: 

Whether you are unable to work, or looking for more hours, Carina is a helpful tool. There are currently over 330 back-up and respite care jobs on Carina. 

  • If you are unable to care for your consumer, you can use Carina to help your consumer find respite care for short-term relief. 
  • If you are a provider who wants more hours, consider providing back-up or respite care.To clearly indicate your availability for this type of care, update your settings in Carina.

For consumers: 

If your usual care provider is not available due to COVID-19, you can use Carina to find back-up care. There are over 2,900 providers currently available! 

  • Many consumers are concerned about letting a new provider into their homes. Rest assured that we have been sending providers many resources on how to safely provide care at this time. 
  • Use Carina to find providers available to provide back-up care. These providers may have indicated this on their profile. You can also always ask a provider if they would be interested in providing short-term care, as they may not have updated their account. 


Additional resources for you: 

Carina is committed to providing a free platform where providers and consumers can safely connect for the jobs and care they need during this difficult time. Read these recent blogs on how to stay safe while working or receiving care:

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