Tips & tricks: Eliminate sharp shower corners with a pool noodle


Posted by Eva Owens

Pain points can pop up in surprising places, as a home care aide Christine Dodson discovered. Her tip for smoothing a sharp edge of a shower door is a quick and easy fix for a common problem.



In homes where consumers are using walk-in showers, you may notice that the edge of the door frame into the shower can be uncomfortably sharp. Transferring a client into a shower chair can lead to banged up knees and ankles, no matter how careful you are.

💭 Christine’s solution... An inexpensive pool noodle like this can be had for a couple bucks at many stores in the summertime:

Simply cut the pool noodle down the side, and slip it over the sharp edge.

As an added bonus, this is easily removable for others who need to use the shower with a shut door.

Like pool noodles on a shower door frame, Carina wants to take the pain points out of finding your next home care client.

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