Patrick’s story and his 3 tips for caregivers!


Posted by Rachael Tom

Patrick and Jeannie both have the same photo on display in their homes. In it they are standing close together, smiling big. 
But their smiles and laughter extend far beyond a picture frame – this has been an everyday occurrence
for the past 15 months.
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Patrick is Jeannie’s caregiver, and they met on Carina.
Patrick had been looking for a new consumer for several weeks before he updated his Carina profile. Within one day, he received 3 interview requests, one of which was from Jeannie. They met, and connected immediately.
Since then, Patrick has been by Jeannie’s side. He helps her around the
house, and works with her property manager to keep things on track. They love to garden together, and have a few projects lined up for the spring and summer. And often they simply sit and talk, with Patrick listening while Jeannie shares stories about her life.
When asked what he likes most about Carina, Patrick says, “It’s a really easy system to figure out and navigate. It really helped me put myself out there, and it was a lot faster than a referral agency.”
For caregivers who are considering trying Carina, Patrick has 3 tips for
making a profile that stands out:
  1. Don’t sugar coat your profile. Be authentic and honest about who you are and what you are looking for.
  2. Add detailed information that will help a consumer make a decision. This includes your training credentials, available hours and location.
  3. Keep your profile short and to the point. You can share more information when you meet face-to-face or talk on the phone.
Once you find a new consumer, Patrick has one golden piece of advice for all caregivers.
He says, “I cannot put enough enthusiasm into the importance of listening and being empathetic. Once you have met a consumer’s needs, let them talk and treat them like they are the only person that matters... They will be very appreciative of the time you spend with them.”
Watch Patrick's story:
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How do I sign up for Carina?
Registration is easy. All you need is 5 minutes and your IP One Number (or the last 4 digits of your social security number and birthday). 
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