Meeting Clients or Care Providers for the First Time


Posted by Rachael Tom

Carina is a free tool in which compatible providers and Medicaid clients can find each other easily and quickly.

Our users are able to send direct messages, ask questions, and share information quickly without having to go through a third party (like an agency).

All users on Carina are verified to have either worked for DSHS in the last year, be a case manager or registry coordinator, or be a Medicaid client with approved home care hours.

We strongly encourage all Carina users to follow these basic safety tips when meeting anyone in person for the first time. 

Be safe and professional for your first meeting:

  • Before you head out, let a friend or family member know that you're meeting with a potential new client or provider. If you are hosting the meeting at your home (if you are client), still tell a friend, family, or neighbor. 

  • Consider meeting in a public place for the first time like a restaurant, coffee shop, or library. This isn’t always an option, but something to consider if possible. We always recommend meeting in a public place.

  • If meeting in public is not an option, ask for references. Even as a care provider, you can ask to speak with a former care provider to find out more about working with the client. As a client, feel free to ask the provider for client references.

  • If a reference is not available, consider asking to speak with their case manager in advance.

  • When speaking to a reference, feel free to ask: Is there anything I should be concerned about or be aware of when working with this provider or client?

  • Plan out what is important for your visit and what questions you want to ask. Consider bringing a notebook with your questions written down.

  • Clarify how long the meeting will last so everyone is on the same page. We suggest a half hour to an hour for first time meetings.

  • Make sure to exchange phone numbers so that you can alert them if you're running late.

  • If you need to cancel or miss a meeting, make sure to call and offer an explanation.

  • Always thank the other person for their time. Interviewing for both parties is hard. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Here are some more resources for that first meeting:

Good luck and always stay safe.

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