Home Care Aides in Washington and Their Tips for a Great First Interaction


Posted by Rachael Tom

You’ve had great interactions online. The client is excited to meet you. You’ve got plans for a face to face interview. How can you set yourself up for a great interview? We talked to several home care aides in Washington and got their tips for a great first interaction.

 Here’s what they had to say:

Show up in professional clothing. Be yourself and give the client an imagination for what it would be like to spend time with you on a regular basis.

Smile, introduce yourself, and be friendly. When you introduce yourself, give the client a lot of grace if they need you to repeat your name or even spell it.

As you talk to the client, maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. Bring a notepad and take notes, and explain to the client why you’re writing these things down. You can show the client that you care about getting things right and honoring their wishes by being proactive about remembering what they have to say.

Be ready to share a few of your strengths with the client. Let them know what’s important to you, what you’re most proud of, and what makes you a great match.

Remember that respect is important. If your client is an adult, never treat them like a child. Don’t take things personally. If the client isn’t meeting your friendly disposition, remember that they will come to love you as they get to know you better. This might not be an easy situation for someone, and we want to honor our clients by treating them with care at all times.

Don’t assume anything, even if it’s a family member. Ask the client to talk about what’s important to them, and what they need from a caregiver.

Be positive, have a great attitude, and an open mind. After your interview, come back to CarinaCare.com and send a message to the client letting them know how much you enjoyed your conversation and repeating your contact information, so it’s easily accessible when they want to follow up.

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