Looking for more work? Make the most of your Carina profile


Posted by Rachael Tom

Your Carina profile is your chance to make a great first impression with potential clients. It’s also very easy to complete. Here are a few tips to make the most of your spot on Carina.

Take a good profile shot

Anyone can take a great profile shot, even if you’re just taking a selfie on your phone. First, find some place with good lighting, and make sure the light is either in front of you or to the side of your face. If the light is behind you, no one will be able to see your face.

Once you’ve found your light, it’s time to take the photo. Dress like you would for a job interview, and limit the photo to your head and shoulders. And remember to smile!

Make yourself available

If you’re looking for a client, make sure to set your availability to looking for a client. Most people will limit their searches to people who are available. So even if you’re just keeping your options open, check that box.

Be honest about your caregiving preferences

It may seem prudent to mark all caregiving preferences as yes, but it’s important to be honest about your preferences. There are plenty of clients who want someone just like you. If you can’t work overnight or you aren’t comfortable with clients with behavioral challenges, that’s okay.

Consider what sets you apart

When you get to the caregiving style options, it may seem wise to check every box. In addition to your profile pick, this is your chance to paint a picture of who you are. But consider how clients will pick you from the many caregivers options they have.

Try limiting your list to the things that set you apart as a caregiver. What do you pride yourself in? What are the qualities that people should absolutely know about you.

It actually helps set you apart to not check every option. Clicking a few is better than clicking all of them.

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