Tips & tricks: Layer bedsheets to quickly clean up accidents


Posted by Rachael Tom

Changing bedsheets in the middle of the night isn’t easy for anyone, least of all our clients. So any step towards making that process easier is appreciated.

Home care aide Pat Rowen recently shared a genius, “Why didn’t I think of that?” tip that’s simple and endlessly helpful: layering bedsheets.

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Next time you make your client’s bed:

  1. Lay down a waterproof sheet.
  2. Then follow it with a regular sheet.
  3. Then lay down a second waterproof sheet.
  4. And finally one more regular sheet.

Then, when an accident happens, you can roll your client to one half of the bed, remove half of the topmost sheet and waterproof layer (taking care to roll it with dry side of the waterproof layer up), then roll your client to the other half and remove the rest of the sheet. A fresh layer is already in place, the client can go back to sleep and you can finish cleaning up.

Pat notes that you can make your own protective sheets by buying waterproof fabric in bulk.

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