How to Report Inappropriate Behavior on Carina


Posted by Rachael Tom

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a conversation on Carina may be disrespectful, unprofessional or otherwise violates Carina’s terms of service. If you would like to report another user, find the "Report User" link at the bottom of job posts, profiles and message conversations. We take all reports seriously.

You should report a user when they're being inappropriate or unprofessional, like when another user:

  • Stops writing you back after a conversation was started or doesn’t show up for an interview. We expect all Carina users to be professional and responsive in their communication. It’s okay to cancel an interview or end a conversation, but it’s always professional to let the other person know you are no longer interested in continuing the discussion.

  • Wants you to start working immediately, without case manager authorization. The client should reach out to their case manager for authorization. An individual provider can't begin working for the client until the case manager has given them authorization.

  •  Suggests that cash payments are preferred. A provider gets paid according to the contract they signed with DSHS as an Individual Provider. Sometimes clients pay participation co-payments but this is outlined by the case manager. If you have more questions about pay rate as an Individual Provider, you can contact the Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200 ☎️or if you are a client, you can speak to your case manager.


  • Someone uses threatening, sexually oriented, or otherwise unprofessional language. Always let us know.

When you "Report User," this will automatically link to that person's profile and information so that we can review it.


P.S. Need more tips on responding to messages?

Read: What's the Best Way to Respond to Messages.

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