Who is the Safest Person You Know? (aka how to not be a safety mooch)


Posted by Rachael Tom

I once worked at an electric utility company that employed thousands of professionals who climbed poles and hung off those massive metal towers for a living. During the orientation for this electric utility company, the instructor asked us: “Who is the safest person you know?”

We all went around the room to answer the question... Spoiler alert: Almost everyone said their mom... (Shout out to moms everywhere for being so prepared: Go moms!)

After everyone had answered, the instructor looked around sternly before saying: “The next time anyone asks ‘Who’s the safest person you know? I want your answer to be you! You should be the safest person you know.”

Is this blowing your mind, right now?
This greatly impacted me and forced me to do a mental inventory of my safety practices and emergency preparedness. Am I relying on others too much? Am I the safest person I know?

At Carina we want to keep you safe as you look for work or a new caregiver online. If you missed it, please read how we keep our users safe here: Carina Takes Your Privacy Seriously.

3 Ways to Protect Yourself (a.k.a. How not to be a 'Safety Mooch') when finding a caregiver or client on Carina

We want to remind you that you should treat all Carina users like you would any other person you are meeting for the first time online.

We strongly encourage you to take some of these simple steps to protect yourself when meeting someone for the first time:

  1. Consider asking for a client or provider reference or speaking to the case manager first before meeting in person. This allows you get as much information as possible, before committing to a in-person interview.

  2. Before you head out, let a friend or family member know you are meeting with a potential new client/provider and share the address.

  3. Consider meeting in a public place (if that’s an option) or bringing along a third person. 

What are some other things you do to keep yourself safe during your caregiver search or job search? 


Be safe!


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