5 tips to stay stress-free this holiday season


Posted by Rachael Tom

Gift lists… Shopping... Meal planning... Cooking... Cleaning... Coordinating events and travel times... Volunteering… Taking care of regular obligations… the list goes on and on. Finding a moment to relax during the holidays can feel impossible! 

Stay calm amid the chaos with this list of 5 tips to stay stress-free this holiday season:

📆 Stick to your regular schedule.

It can be easy to dismiss or even forget about your regular schedule during the holidays, but the best way to beat the holiday blues is to stick to your routine. Keeping your days as close to normal during the holidays will help you to feel balanced amidst special events and any stressors.

🙋 Make room for “you” in your social calendar.

It can be hard, but try not to overbook yourself. While tempting, if you attend everything, you will eventually get burned out. So instead of going to back-to-back events, make time to practice self-care by staying in, drinking a warm beverage, reading a book or whatever it is that makes you feel good.


📝 Make a To-Do list.

Take 5-10 minutes to write down a list of what you need to do this holiday season. Think about: 

  • Cards/Gifts - the names of everyone you are making or buying gifts for, and what you are giving them
  • Events - a list of your holiday obligations, and their dates, and times
  • Cooking - a list of the dishes you plan to make for your various events
  • Schedule - your regularly-scheduled appointments and events, and their dates and times


🎁 Simplify your gift list.

Simple, heartfelt gifts are most peoples’ favorite presents, and they are often the easiest to make or buy! Choose gifts, cards or supplies that you can buy at one store, that way your holiday shopping can be done in under one hour. Some examples of thoughtful gifts are a handmade card with something nice written inside or their favorite type of drugstore candy with a sweet note. 


😓 Do not give into holiday pressure.

It is normal to feel blue during the holidays. There is so much pressure to have the holidays look and feel a certain way, and expectations run high. It is important to enter the holiday season with an open mind and an understanding that the holidays are different for everyone, and there is no way you need to act or feel just because of the time of year. 


Remember, almost everyone faces an extra helping (or 5!) of stress during the holidays. However, with proper planning and self-care, the stress can become manageable. We hope these tips and tricks help you this holiday season! 

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