How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues


Posted by Eva Owens

The days are starting to get shorter and the rainy season is coming. For many, it can be a tough time while others experience more serious symptoms caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is associated to changes in seasons. Professionals warn not to ignore any symptoms you have or to just write them off as the "winter blues". It is also good to be proactive and take steps to keep a sunny disposition, for you and your client, year round.

5 Ways to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

1) Get More Vitamin D: 
According to an article from Everyday Health, a study published in the 2014 journal Nutrients found that people who took vitamin D supplements saw significant improvement. You can also get a boost of Vitamin D by eating foods like eggs, cheese, yogurt, oats and salmon. Consider talking to your doctor about testing your vitamin D levels and whether supplements would be right for you.

2) Light Therapy: There are products specifically designed to mimic sunshine that can help keep the winter blues away or help ease symptoms from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The light exposure stimulates your body's circadian rhythms and suppress its natural release of melatonin. A variety of products with varying price ranges are now available.

Get Moving: Help control stress levels by taking a brisk walk, going to a yoga class, or hit your local rec center for some modest weight lifting. Not only can exercise help boost your mood, it can also help offset the weight gain that is common with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

4) See a Doctor: If you notice a difference in your mood and level of irritability as the winter season unfolds, consider seeing your doctor for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.

5) Make Your Environment Colorful: When the sun isn’t shining and the weather forecast is rain, clouds and umbrellas, consider incorporating color into your surroundings to boost your mood. Color plays a big role in the way we feel. Bright, bold colors are a great pick me up. Choose hues that make you happy–your clients may find some comfort too.

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