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Posted by Rachael Tom

Do you ever feel the intensive day-to-day physical, emotional and mental demands placed on you as a caregiver? I bet you do, every caregiver that I know feels this way sometimes. Well, there’s folks out there working really hard to help make your job easier.

Individual providers in Washington state now have 24/7 access to emotional health coaches.

Yes, you read that right.

This new benefit is thanks to the recent partnership between SEIU 775 Benefits Group and

So how does it work? Users are connected to a care team of trained coaches, licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists through the app.

According to a depression self-check up completed by nearly 9,000 HCAs, over 1 in 5 home care aides reported having moderate to severe depression. In light of this high level of depression, SEIU 775 Benefits Group partnered with UCLA to conduct a stress reduction study. Many caregiver participants had shared they had high levels of anxiety, stress, and depression and were looking for services and new skills that could help them better manage these health issues.

So why should you sign up for

Mental Health and Clinical Coaches are Available to you 24/7.  Once you sign up, mental health and clinical coaches are available to you and provide in-the-moment, around-the-clock support. Yes, this includes nights, weekends and holidays. Coaching support is provided over text, while clinical care is over video.

Get The Right Type of Care for You.  When you sign up, you’ll initially work with a personal emotional health coach to receive support, map goals and access personalized self-care content. You’ll have access to therapists to help you deepen your self-awareness. If needed, you’ll also have the choice to access psychiatrists, which help you manage your treatment with the use of medication. On you’ll receive care that’s focused on building emotional resilience and evolves over time with your various mental health needs.

It’s a Free Benefit!  Yes,’s 24/7 coaching is free of charge to SEIU 775 Health Benefits Trust members. Video sessions with’s licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists are available through the app at an additional cost and may be covered by your insurance.

You can download from the app store today. Need help downloading the app? Click here.

For more information about this service, check out SEIU 775 Benefits Group’s detailed emotional support site here.  

Not registered? Click here to activate your free Carina benefit today.
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