3 ways family providers can use Carina


Posted by Rachael Tom

Are you taking care of a loved one? Carina is a great tool for family providers. Learn how you can use Carina to meet your needs. 

Find respite care, emergency care, and backup care providers.
The day-to-day can be unpredictable, sometimes appointments or events pop up last minute. It’s good to be prepared and have a respite provider on call. Use Carina to find caregivers who are available for last minute care when you need it.
Create a network of potential respite, emergency, or backup care providers, so that you are never left in a bind. You can post a job as a consumer and either wait for providers to contact you, or you can browse providers using our advanced search filters and contact them first. Hint: For the best results, we recommend doing both!

Look for part-time work to increase your career hours and qualify for health insurance.
If you work 80 hours per month for 2 months in a row, you will qualify for high-quality health benefits for just $25 per month. You can use Carina to find Medicaid consumers to work with in addition to your loved one. If this sounds appealing, keep in mind that you will have to complete additional training before you can work with non-family members.
Build a community with fellow family care providers.
Carina can be a great place to find other caregivers to connect with, either locally or online. You could reach out and say hello, swap information about local resources, or even meet for coffee with both of your loved ones that you are caring for. You might even find people who are caring for someone with similar care needs to your own loved one!

Here is what your fellow family providers have already said about using Carina:

"I needed a caretaker for my 6 [year-old] daughter and I liked that I could see the training [that] providers have in their profiles. I like that they have already been through the process with DDA so I could focus on who would be the best fit for our family. I found a provider that I like and it's been great to have her in our home." -Tanya, Family Provider in WA

"I love my new provider! I interviewed her and we clicked. I informally head up a group of families with special needs children that meets once a month and Carina is a hot topic. I find Carina more accessible than other options. It's easier and more direct. People are responsible for their own posts. I would definitely recommend Carina to others and plan to use it as needed in the future." -Erika, Family Provider in WA


Ready to give Carina a try?

To sign up and create your profile all you need is your IP One Number or your birth date and the last four digits of your social security number.

Registration only takes 5 minutes and there is no commitment to post a job or hire anyone. Simply take a look around if you are curious!

Carina is a free, online benefit provided by the union contract between SEIU 775 and Washington state.

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