Emotional self-care for home care aides


Posted by Eva Owens

Being a home care aide means spending much of our time caring for others. But caring for others often starts with caring for ourselves. Here are a few simple steps you can take to take care of yourself on the job:

Make emotional wellness part of everyday life

Take some time to yourself when you can. Whether that’s when a client naps, or for a few minutes before or after work, it’s important to build in time to take a breath and be mindful of how you’re feeling. If there are simple things you can do to relieve stress, see if there are ways to incorporate those into your day.

Take a break

Building in a little time to take a breath can go a long way, but we also need longer breaks in order to stay present with the people we are caring for. Carina can help your client find a fill-in home care aide so that you can be confident your client is in good hands when you need to take a day off.

Write it down

There are always going to be bills to pay, appointments to schedule, and things to remember. One simple step to getting organized is to buy a notebook that fits in your pocket, and taking a second to write down reminders to yourself whenever they come to mind. It frees your brain up to stay present in the moment, and ensures that you won’t forget important things to do the next time you have a minute for yourself. At the end of the day, review your reminders, cross off those you have attended to, and plan time to attend to the remaining tasks.

Make time for community

Home care aides are often isolated in their work. Making time for friends is important to relieve stress. Having a person in your life that you can talk to without fear of judgement or shame will help you let go of guilty feelings, stay positive, and keep negative stress at bay.

Find other caregivers to talk to

Sharing your experiences with someone who gets it is one of the most cathartic experiences we can have. If you do not know other caregivers, reach out to your union to find advice on how to get connected to others in your field or look on Carina to find home care aides near you and message them. Bonus — you’ll get to learn from others and be appreciated by someone who knows how hard this selfless and compassionate job can be.

Carina also wants to take the stress out of finding a new client, or help you add more hours to take advantage of health care benefits. Sign up for Carina today.

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