COVID-19 Resources for Caregivers and Consumers


Posted by Rachael Tom

By now, you have likely felt the impact of COVID-19 on your ability to find or give care. As a consumer, you may be worried about letting someone into your home for fear they might be carrying the virus. As a caregiver, you may have questions about how to protect yourself at work to avoid getting sick.

Your concerns are valid, and COVID-19 safety precautions can help caregivers safely provide much-needed help to consumers. Read on for resources you can use to find care, provide care and protect one another at this time.


For Caregivers and Consumers:

Tips to Find Care and Stay Safe from COVID-19

You can safely find a new caregiver or find a new client duringCOVID-19, but you need to adjust the interview process, learn safety precautions and ask the right questions. Read our blog for information about how to protect yourself when finding in-home care and jobs.


Keeping Each Other Healthy – Home Visit Guidance for Caregivers and Care Receivers

Although social distancing is important now, you can still give and receive care by adjusting your routine. Use this handy checklist from DSHS to make sure you are following the right steps during an in-home visit.


For Caregivers:

Guidance for Providing Safe Care During the COVID 19 Outbreak

As long as you are healthy, you can continue to care for your consumer. However, to limit risk, IPs are strongly encouraged to practice remote care when possible, and exercise proper safety precautions. Learn the Department of Social Health and Services (DSHS) guidance for providing safe care at this time.


Caring for Clients with COVID-19

If you have a client with a confirmed case of COVID-19, follow basic recommendations issued by DSHS to stop the spread of germs and keep yourself safe.


COVID-19 Guidance for In-Home Caregivers with Limited Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Until PPE becomes available, there are non-PPE alternatives you can use to reduce the risk of transmission. Get caregiver-specific recommendations for homemade masks, face coverings, cleaning and disinfecting, and more.


SEIU 775 COVID-19 Resources

If you’re a provider,  your union has gathered together trusted resources to answer your questions and keep you informed especially about lost wages. See frequently asked questions, fact sheets, and links to the latest information from SEIU 775 and SEIU 775 Benefits Group. 


Connecting Families and Providers for Quality Child Care

Carina is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by using our job-matching platform in a new way. We have partnered with union organizations in 5 states to help essential workers find nearby licensed, affordable child care. Learn more about child care services.

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