Caring for clients with diverse identities


Posted by Eva Owens

As you build your home care aide career, you may find yourself working with an increasing number of diverse identities such as race, religion, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity. We’ve collected several things to consider to have a positive experience with someone from any background.

Step one

Take time to learn basics about the culture, customs and etiquette about the home you’ll be working in. And know going in that no one is defined perfectly by traditional customs. If you don’t assume anything, you’ll be much more likely to meet a client where they are at.

Consider your own biases

There may be shortcuts or assumptions that you consciously or subconsciously make with any client. Take time to thoughtfully consider what assumptions you have about a client’s background, both personally and professionally.

Ask open-ended questions

Each client may have different grooming, cleaning and modesty needs. But like the saying goes, “you can’t know what you don’t know.” Rather than making assumptions based on past experiences, ask open-ended questions so your client can express their desires. For example, rather than asking, “Do you want your hair up?”, ask “How would you like your hair today?”.

Always the right choice: treating the client with kindness and respect

Remember that as a client gets to know you, they will become comfortable and trust you more. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you are uncertain about something. As long as you start from a place of kindness and respect, those conversations can have positive outcomes.

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