Carina’s Commitment to Equity and Justice


Posted by Rachael Tom

Black lives matter.

Black caregivers and consumers matter.

Black families matter.

Carina is committed to equity, inclusion and justice. We are opposed to the harassment, assault and killing of Black people. We are heartbroken for these victims  including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, victim’s families, and for the countless other families who’ve seen loved ones killed from police and racist violence. 

We stand together with every person fighting systemic racism, violence and the systems that perpetuate the inequity that Black people disproportionately experience.

Our platform aims to increase access and ease of use for women, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income families and all marginalized communities who are most impacted by our nation’s broken care system.

We are committed to working with labor unions and supporting unionized care workers. 

We acknowledge the incredible work labor unions and their members have done to uplift working people and fight racial injustice and remain committed to bringing unionized work to more caregivers.

We have additional work to do to ensure equitable access to our service.

  • We are committed to conducting a diversity and equity audit to further evaluate whether the beneficiaries of our service reflect the communities we seek to serve including black families and black caregivers.
  • In addition to this service audit, we will also conduct further diversity and equity analysis and staff development to ensure we are living up to our values.
  • We will continue seeking more ways to care for and support the diverse caregivers, families, and other people who need care in our communities.

Click here for more information on the exploration of race and caregiving.

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