3 Ways Carina Was Designed For the Home Care Industry


Posted by Nancy

At Carina, we are always looking for new ways to improve our online platform. We conduct many research projects where we invite home care providers and consumers to share valuable feedback about finding jobs and care. 

👋 Hello! My name is Nancy and I am a Product Designer at Carina. I design the Carina website with home care providers, family caregivers, home care consumers, referral registry coordinators, and case managers in mind.

💭 Here are three things I have learned from our research projects that I always keep in mind when designing for you. 

  1. Home care providers are more likely to use smartphones while consumers are more likely to user computers or tablets.  Carina is responsive and that means it adapts to whatever device you are using. 
  2. However, providers and consumers should not have to have the latest technology. Carina has been designed to work with many versions of devices, operating systems and browsers.
  3. Home care providers and consumers are very busy - managing care needs with personal lives.  There is a great demographic diversity in Carina users' backgrounds (age, ethnicity, geography, etc.) and we do our best to keep the design of Carina easy to use and not keep you on Carina any longer than necessary.

Which is why I would like to say “thank you” to everyone who has participated in our research - your feedback has helped thousands of people have a better experience with Carina. 

✨ Designing at Carina has been an intrinsically rewarding experience for me.

As a designer, I am passionate about doing something that significantly improves and impacts the lives of others. Working in the home care industry has reminded me of how much I love design because it is through problem-solving that design can change people’s lives for the better. At Carina, my website design work is put to the test and the cause, and I am both proud and humbled to be here and continually learn more every day. 


P.S. Do you have feedback about Carina, or do you want to see how our website could work for you?

Send us a note at info@carinacare.com. We love to hear from you!

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