Carina Case Manager Study


Posted by Rachael Tom

Case Manager Study: What do Case Managers think of Carina?

Who did we talk to?

We interviewed 100 Case Managers (AAA, ALTSA, DDA, HCS, etc.) from Washington State for their professional review of Carina.

So, what do Case Managers think of Carina?

🎉 67% of Case Managers would recommended Carina to a client or colleague! 🎉

🙌 32% of Case Managers would "definitely" recommended Carina. 🙌

How do Case Managers rate Carina? 

Case Managers gave Carina a 3.5 star rating on average! ⭐

Reviews of Carina from Case Managers:

"There are a lot of options on Carina for IPs. They appreciate all of the ways to search for new IPs."

"A client that resides in Queen Anne found 4 potential caregivers!"

"A family member was able to find three local IPs that could speak the clients language in an area that is hard for agencies to staff."

"I have referred several clients' to Carina and have had them tell me they have used your service and had a good experience."

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Carina Case Manager Study

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