Carina's 2018 Highlights


Posted by Rachael Tom

Now that 2019 is here, I hope that you've had time to reflect on 2018...

I know I have! And so have all of us here at Carina...

We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your support (and patience) as we've continued to grow Carina.

Let me walk you through our year-in-review for 2018...

🚀 1,081 jobs were filled in 2018 through Carina!

That's an astounding 1286% year-over-year growth increase from 2017!

It looks like folks on Carina haven't had any problem breaking the ice â„

🎉 9,462 providers and clients use Carina! 

With 9,462 IPs, family providers, and clients using Carina... It would be hard NOT to find your ideal match... Ready to join the party? Register here.

📣 Carina is available statewide in Washington! 

Carina was able to launch across the state of Washington with the final launch of King, Pierce and Kitsap County in August of last year. 

It's old news now, but we're pumped to be your go-to resource for home care referrals.


Everyone â¤ï¸'s Carina (We're blushing... Thank you!)

"Through Carina I was able to find the two clients that I now have. I deeply appreciate the ease of using Carina to search for clients and the quick responses. I definitely prefer working with Carina clients over working for an agency." - Tina, Provider

"I love Carina! I love my new provider! I informally head up a group of families with special needs children and Carina is a hot topic. Everyone is sharing their Carina successes in finding care providers. I find Carina more accessible than other options. Carina puts the information in our hands. It's easier and more direct. People are responsible for their own posts. I would definitely recommend Carina to others and plan to use it as needed in the future." - Erika, Family Provider

"After posting a job on the site, I received many responses from caregivers willing to work. I hired one whose schedule best fit my needs, and so far, everything is going really well! Carina was very convenient and easy to use. Everything I needed to find a caregiver was contained within the site. If I need to find another caregiver in the future, I would definitely turn to Carina for my search and would recommend the website to others." - Eric, Client

"I have a client who posted a job for a weekend caregiver. She had so many responses that she had to take the ad down while she interviewed providers. Two weeks later she posted a second job to find a backup provider. She had a response within 15 minutes and hired someone right away. My client said, "It was like a dream!" I definitely recommend Carina." Case Manager, Clark County WA  

Psst... Share YOUR Carina story! We'd love to hear from you!

📱So. Many. New. Features.

Here are just a few of our favorite new features on Carina...

⌚ Want to find someone 15 minutes away? Search by distance (you choose the location) and you'll automatically see the travel time for each match!

🔦 Picky? Us too. Now you can select multiple advanced filters to find your perfect match! AND save those filters for next time… AND choose if you’d like receive notifications when new clients or providers match your preferences!

👂 Find someone who speaks your language! Choose from over 50 languages.

💁 When you call Carina, you’ll be connected with a real person from our support team.

💥 Simplify your search with our new Provider and Job Post Summary Cards.

🎶 Clients can now add hobbies and interests to their job posts! Why not find a fellow ukulele aficionado?

✅ Provider profiles are updated weekly with their current training and certification status. Looking for an RN or LPN? Your search just got easier.

✨ Register for Carina

As we know, registering has been all the rage in 2018, let's carry this trend into 2019... Register for Carina in only 2-minutes!


All the best,

Eva and the Jets... I mean, Eva and the Team 


P.S. Do you have questions about Carina? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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