Black History in the Care Community


Posted by Tiana Tinson

Black history month is a time to celebrate all accomplishments the African American community has made throughout American history as well as a time to acknowledge centuries of hardship that Black people have faced. Carina especially wants to recognize the impact that Black people have had on the care community and on our platform.


We stand together with every person fighting systemic racism, violence and the systems that perpetuate the inequity that Black people disproportionately experience.

Despite only being 13% of the caregiver population in America, Black people still have the highest burden out of all other races providing care. Carina recognizes this experience and we strongly value equity in an effort to decrease this burden. We do so by using our easy-to-use platform to increase access to respite care available to all marginalized communities who are most impacted by our nation’s broken care system.


We are committed to working with labor unions and supporting unionized care workers. 

We acknowledge the incredible work labor unions and their members have done to uplift working people and fight racial injustice and remain committed to bringing unionized work to more caregivers.

Click here for more information on the exploration of race and caregiving.

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