What does it take to find a compatible provider? Nathan shares his tips


Posted by Rachael Tom

Nathan is no stranger to the home care arena. In fact, he played an important role in developing the state’s original homecare registry. As someone who also utilizes a caregiver, he knows a good thing when he sees it.  “I was really happy to read about the announcement of an online tool to connect providers and clients. Carina is the missing link we needed to expedite the match making of homecare workers and consumers in need of home care,” Nathan shared.

Nathan was happy to learn about the service Carina provides. "I spent 2 years searching for a replacement of my two primary caregivers of 10 and 9 years. Then Carina was rolled out for public use and I was able, in a very short time span, to find the help I needed," Nathan said.

The difficulty in finding a qualified provider has been an ongoing problem for consumers statewide. "I was fortunate to find two qualified caregivers in this short amount of time, and they were able to start working right away,” Nathan said.

When asked about what tips he would offer to find a caregiver, Nathan encouraged other clients not to immediately disqualify someone for one specific characteristic. “You may consider widening your criteria initially a bit in order not to make someone who would be a great match automatically ineligible. It is a method that worked for me. Compatibility is key to finding good care,” he said.  

Tips on Finding A Compatible Caregiver:

  • Screen your interviews over the phone before setting a face to face interview.
  • Have your current provider, family or friend present on the first visit.
  • Discuss reliable transportation. 
  • Allow the candidate to talk as much as possible so you are able to learn a lot about mutual compatibility. Ask open ended questions.

Tips for Providers Searching for Work:

  • How available can you be for your client? Are you flexible with the time you are available? More flexibility will attract more clients.
  • How willing are you to learn new tasks? An eager willingness to learn can make up for experience.

In his spare time, Nathan also serves on the Disability Advisory Council and Board for Disability Rights Washington and is also an active member of PASPORT4Change, a steering committee dealing with Personal Assistance Services. Thanks for the tips Nathan!

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