She found an “angel” caregiver, her long lost brother, and a new hat on Carina!


Posted by Rachael Tom

Georgia has some medical conditions that make her at risk of falling. She hadn’t had the best experience finding qualified help through a traditional homecare agency.  When her caseworker told her about a new service called Carina that would help her find a new Individual Provider, she was interested. Carina delivered big for Georgia.

“I was happy to have a place to find professionals that live in my area. I was able to quickly find experienced candidates to interview and have found the perfect match,” she stated.

In addition to playing a critical role in providing Georgia with quality care, Georgia’s home care aide has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  
“I call her my angel from God because with her help I have located a side of my blood family that lives within two hours of me.”

Georgia couldn’t believe it when her homecare professional (in her free time) helped research, find and connect her with family she didn’t even know she had so close by. “I have already met my brother and cousin. I now have my father’s cowboy hat that was given as a gift to me by brother.”

Georgia’s caregiver helps her manage her health and is also critical in providing household help.“This was my first experience with Carina and our caregiver is wonderful. I thank Aging and Disability for telling me about such an outstanding resource! I couldn’t recommend Carina more.”


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