9 Steps to Getting the Job


Posted by Rachael Tom

Do you ever get nervous before a new consumer interview? Don't worry, it's normal. You can help ease any stress you may feel by reading these 10 tips on how to have a successful job interview and land your *dream* home care job.

Remember, caregiving isn't only about physical labor and service, but also about those less tangible skills like good communication and trust-building that really facilitate a good consumer-caregiver relationship.

Step 1: Find out the consumer's preferences. What does the consumer look for in a caregiver? What are their preferences? Ask them over Carina's messaging feature before you meet or ask in person. Doing this will show them that you're interested in caring about their needs. If it seems like a good fit and you're able to meet their needs, it can build trust and help to avoid potential problems. Didn't ask in advance? No problem, just ask them in the interview.

Step 2: Bring a notepad. Write down note small details about the clients preferences or other information that helps you better understand their needs. This is especially helpful if a client isn’t verbal or able to communicate well.

Step 3: Arrive on time. Never arrive late. If you are late, you'll need to call them ahead of time to let them know.

Step 4: Smile! First impressions go along way. Remember both of you are meeting for the first time. When you arrive, introduce yourself and offer your hand to shake (if appropriate). Your goal is to be inviting and build trust. Your friendly smile and welcoming voice will go a long way.

Step 5: Offer job references. Do you have past consumers you've worked with that could speak to your skills and what it was like having you as a caregiver? Offer to connect this potential consumer with those past folks you've worked with. Having a good reference can go a long way.

Step 6: Ask for a tour. Remember that you're entering a client’s home. If they choose to give you tour, be respectful. Ask questions during the tour as this helps you learn the layout and assess the client’s mobility.

Step 7: Be respectful of their space. At first, you will be a stranger in their home so don’t just make yourself too comfortable. Ask to sit down and always ask permission before touching things or picking anything up.

Step 8: Establish what the next step is with them. 
Talk about the next steps. Are you suppose to wait for their call? Should you call in few days to follow up? Make sure you are both on the same page.

Step 9: Keep communicating on the job.  I'm assuming you are going to land this great job and if you do: keep asking questions to make clients feel in control and to open the lines of communication when you are on the job. Consistency and repetition provide the assurances they need as you both embark on this new relationship. 

Additional Tips:

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