5 Ways to Say "Thanks" to Your Caregiver


Posted by Rachael Tom

Do you have a relative or friend that is a caregiver? Has your caregiver become a friend?

You know that your caregiver does a lot for you, and sometimes it is hard to figure out just what you can do for them. It really boils down to this:let them know that you’re thinking about them! Here are some additional great ideas to show your caregiver you care about them not just for holidays, but on any day!

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Ways to let Caregivers Know you Care: 

  1. Talk to them: Caregivers are no different than any of us! They have hobbies, interests, good days and bad days. Just showing interest goes a long way to show you care.
    Ask them how they are doing and what’s new in their life.
    Ask an open ended questions like: How was your weekend? How are you? What is new in your life?

  2. Leave a nice voicemail or call them to say thank you. Heartfelt messages are the most meaningful and will let your friend or family member know someone is thinking of them and that you are grateful for what you do. Can you think of 1-2 times they’ve done something you’ve really appreciated? It doesn’t have to be unique or super special, but it’s nice to mention something that makes a difference to you. Examples: It always brings a smile to my face, when you walk in a say hello with a smile. I love it when you make me scrambled eggs...just the way I like them.

  3. You should never feel obligated to buy anything for your caregiver, but if you feel most comfortable saying thank you with a gift, find something affordable at the dollar store. A tote bag, water bottle, or notepad always comes in handy for a caregiver and will only set you back a few bucks. It’s the thought that counts.

  4. Put it in writing! Who writes these days? You do! Consider writing a short little letter (a few sentences will do, letting them know that you are grateful for them. Why not? Everyone loves to be praised. You could put it on a greeting card but you don’t have to. Nothing is more personal than adding a picture to it, and making 2 copies will ensure you both have a special record to enjoyHandwritten notes are so rare these days. Anything from you will be special and remembered.


  5. The gift of public recognition: You can write an online review on our https://www.facebook.com/carinahomecare and tag them by their name and give examples of why they’re outstanding. Positive feedback not only gives every caregiver a morale boost but having it in writing and shared with others gives is a gift that can keep giving for a long time.

Thank you for thinking of your caregiver! 

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