5 New Tips for Starting your Job Search


Posted by Eva Owens

5 New Tips for Starting your Job Search

We’ve all been there. You're ready to find more work... but where? For so many reasons, caregivers may find themselves in need of a new client. Perhaps your existing client moved into a nursing home or was hospitalized. Perhaps you are trying to get health insurance and you need another client to get you to 80 hours a month minimum to qualify. Regardless of the reason, we need to get you a job! Here are five easy tips to get started on the search.

1. Make a list of your top strengths and skills. What makes you a great caregiver? Are you a good listener and can get along with anyone? Are you always punctual and organized? Are you a good cook? Are you familiar with working with folks with dementia or folks with behavioral changes? Pick three strengths and write them down. Make sure you mention these skills and strengths to prospective employers. 

2. Tell your friends and family that you're looking for a new caregiving job. Spread the word! You never know who might know someone who needs care. You can mention it on social media (like a Facebook post), post a note on a church bulletin board, make an announcement or send a text to friends and family. 

3. Be careful about responding to job posts from Craigslist and other online anonymous bulletin boards. Use sites that verify clients like Carina. Only existing home care clients who are qualified to receive home care are allowed to post jobs on Carina. Use Carina to respond to clients’ job posts, create a profile, and connect with verified clients and providers. If you haven't registered for Carina yet, you can do so here

4. Stay positive. Sometimes it can take meeting with several clients before you find a client that you are compatible with. Put yourself out there, reach out to lots of clients and you will find a job that works.

5. Communicate quickly. If someone reaches out to you about a job, respond quickly with a text, email or phone call. Even if you're not interested. Everyone appreciates a quick reply (including you) so make sure to respond.

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